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Asadi Aaron - Book of The British Empire

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Asadi Aaron - Book of The British Empire

Книга посвящена Британской империи, рассказывает о значимых личностях, о причинах рассвета и заката.
It was famously said that at the height of its power the British Empire was so vast that the Sun never set on it. To be more precise, an astonishing 33.7 million square kilometres – almost a quarter of the planet’s land area – were touched by the rays of British colonialism at this time.
But of course, when we talk about the Empire it’s not just territorial gains and losses that are involved, and by 1922 the British monarch oversaw a gobsmacking 458 million subjects. It was the largest empire in history – a colossal feat for an insignifi cant bundle of islands tucked away in the chilly North Atlantic. So how did Britain manage to amass such a sprawling domain? Trace the story of one nation’s imperial stampede through fi ve centuries, from its roots in the 15th century to the impact on modern-day life. Through amazing images, illustrations and articles, explore a controversial period in world history and follow the British Empire’s quest to satisfy its appetite for global dominance.

Название: Book of The British Empire / Книга Британской Империи
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Aaron Asadi / Аарон Асади
Издательство: Imagine Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781785462641
Серия: All About History
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отличное
Количество страниц: 164
Размер: 18,43 Мб

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