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Easy Openwork Knit Tops

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Easy Openwork Knit Tops

Разнообразные стили с современном вязании спицами. Простые модели одежды имеют различные методы, которые могут быть выполнены начинающими рукодельницами.
Versatile styles with a modern appeal are highlighted in this unique needlework project book that guides knitters through accomplishing five openwork knit garments. The simple patterns feature a variety of techniques that can be accomplished by beginners, such as basic garter and stockinette stitches as well as yarn overs, and the projects call for large needles and fine yarns that easily produce the loosely knitted weave that makes these tops stand out. The shaping is minimal for the lightweight vests, drape-front cardigans, and tops in this pattern collection,A making it more accessible to knitters that are still learning, and the drape of the finished garments significantly factors into selecting the best specific yarns for each top to ensure that knitters canA painlessly make items that look great when worn.

Название: Easy Openwork Knit Tops
Автор: Kennita Tully
Издательство: Annie's
Год: 2013
Формат: jpg
Страниц: 34
Размер: 51 mb
Язык: английский

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